Sunday October 1, 2023


The Crick Zone is the world’s leading cricket website. Founded in 2020 Thecrickzone content includes all kinds of cricket news and international matches. For the digital medium, the passionate youngsters have been contributing to make it big.

Mission of The Crick Zone

Our mission is to provide news with no touch of artificiality. Pertinently, the clarity of the content is our priority in nutshell and objectivity is to be free from any bias whatsoever. Visit to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for Cricket.

Vision of The Crick Zone

  • Our vision is to expand The Crick Zone which will not only focus through our articles but also cater to special needs.
  • We will always give accurate information which is in the interest of the audience.
  • Our mission will be to give timely updates related to cricket.